RPR INWEST is a well-established company offering the highest standards of construction services. We specialize in residential estates as well as holiday resorts, our varied portfolio includes detached houses, segment houses, offices, and hotels. We are proud to be a part of the fast-growing real estate market.
Our company attaches great importance to creating competitive projects which draw the attention of potential buyers and investors. Only high-quality materials are used on our construction sites to meet the demands and expectations of our customers. In RPR INWEST we keep up to date with the latest trends and implement innovative technologies to make our projects fit for the future.

Our board consists of experienced specialists:
Ryszard Mieczysław Konieczny, Paweł Spychała, and Ryszard Franciszek Janik. We guarantee profitable deals and professional services as we believe that investing in properties can not only bring revenue, but also be a hedge against inflation. RPR INWEST is located in Lubuskie Voivodeship but operates in all parts of Poland.

Safety and comfort are guaranteed. Contact us to find out more about the company and its projects. We will be glad to answer your questions and provide you with more detailed information.
RPR INWEST – your dependable partner in real estate investment.

Apartment and house booking

Our team has created impressive projects of rental apartments which include residential segments in detached houses and commercial premises. The properties provide residents with comfortable spaces and attract everyone: single, young couples, and families with children.
Meticulous detailing in line with the latest trends and modern lifestyle necessities are some of the main characteristics of the properties in our offer. We are committed to providing functionality and aesthetics by ensuring top-quality finishing touches.
It is our priority to create a friendly and harmonious environment for the users. Our properties are more than just buildings – they stand for estates where new communities can flourish.
Discover our previous projects to find out more about the unique and attractive designs. Whether you are searching for the ideal space for yourself or looking to invest in a rental property, our offer will surely live up to your expectations.
Contact us today to find out more about the current rental property offer. We will be glad to give you the perfect solution and provide every resident with comfortable space.

The attractiveness of the properties

Discover the true jewel – apartments which combine the perfect location, competitive prices, timeless design, and premium quality. An incredible offer for connoisseurs of top quality.
Our apartments are set in exceptional locations which offer both: closeness to nature and access to urban infrastructure. A perfect combination for comfort and prestige lovers.
However, it is not only the location that makes the apartments so unique. The timeless architecture delights those who appreciate detail precision, aesthetics, and high quality of materials. The properties look captivating and guarantee lasting durability.
Additionally, our premium class apartments are a synonym of exclusiveness and luxury. From elegant interior design to state-of-the-art amenities, every element of each property has been carefully selected to meet all demands and expectations. Peace, relaxation, and endless joy of experiencing such unique interiors are guaranteed.
Discover the exceptional atmosphere of our apartments. Reject boredom – spend quality time in our apartments where harmony and comfort come together to give you a truly royal experience.